Architectural Illustration, Why Yes, I do that!

Architectural Illustration, Why Yes, I do that!

Going through magazines on style and arts and crafts lately it seems like I am reliving the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s! Macrame, retro architecture and furniture, polka dots and more are all the rage again. Nothing wrong with that! I loved those things the first time.  And I was a little surprised to see hand-painted architectural illustrations as a service making a come back.

Seems like a lifetime ago that I was an architectural illustrator. I used to paint in watercolor and pen & ink homes, restored buildings, beach town locations, and even painted a shopping center once.

I was hired by homeowners, real estate agents who wanted a unique gift for their clients, investment companies, and sometimes just painting locations because I loved the buildings. But then computer-generated illustration and photography became the style that everyone wanted and hand-painted illustration was just old fashioned and boring. And my business as an illustrator dried up and blew away.

Fast forward a few years and once more hand-painted illustration is cool again so maybe it’s time to revisit my skills and offer my services. Now that everyone has a camera in their pocket and computers create perfect drawings with just a few clicks, these have become the norm and having a unique style, as I do, of combining watercolor or ink wash and dancing line over a hand-drawn perspective gives my clients a one of a kind art piece. That can hang on the wall or be digitized for personal stationery, (which I can also do).

So I have added a listing on my Etsy page at where you can order a painting that can be created from your photos on beautiful Arches Watercolor paper using professional watercolors and archival inks. I have added images from my archives in several styles on my Etsy page, to give you an idea of options for you to choose from. I work with you personally throughout the process to create the size, style, and perfect illustration of your unique property.

Sometimes everything that’s old becomes new again and we once more appreciate the time and talent of artisans with unique skills. Going back to watercolor has been a wonderful renewal for me. Lately, my camera in on vacation and my paintbrushes are busy. And I am ok with that. If I can be of service to you please drop me a line. Creating unique works of art for my clients is my favorite thing to do.

Have a happy day!


Mandalas For Peace

Mandalas For Peace

I am not a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Taoist, a Christian, or any other singular belief system. I am all of them. I believe in a power bigger than anything that has or ever will exist. I don’t believe in a benevolent God or an angry God. I believe in science and I believe there is an incredible amount of stuff we just don’t know.

I’m ok with not knowing everything

But for some reason, I do believe that there is a method to all the madness going on in this world right now. Even though it feels like the planet, nature and all its inhabitants are being ripped apart and all the beliefs and cultural order we hold dear as humans are being summarily destroyed, what it is I don’t know.

I do my best to be open, and honest, and caring, accepting, and understanding. I express gratitude and appreciation. I pray to this power I know, this awareness of what’s beyond. Asking out loud seems to bring serendipitous results, constant answers to my prayers surprise me daily.

These prayers are beneficial to me, however, I am unclear that they have the power to change anything for anyone else. It’s that (I am responsible for my own destiny thing).

Something I am struggling with is how to cope with and even help with the appalling inhumanity that is becoming the norm in this country. I vote I speak out, I participate, I do my best to love those I disagree with but somehow it’s not enough and my heart hurts. So once again I have started drawing.

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The simple act of drawing has been my therapy, my meditation since my early 20’s and now it is manifesting as pointillism or stippling in pen and ink. These tiny minute dots of ink are placed together on the page to create an image. It’s a long process and it requires slow constant repetitive mark-making. It clears my mind and calms my spirit. It occurred to me that this could be used as a prayer, meditative prayer. Just as the Tibetan monks who create the beautiful sand mandalas and chant as they go, I can send out prayers of peace into the universe as I make dots. Whether it manifests anywhere or not is not my concern, it manifests its effects in me which then transmits to those I come in contact with.

As I think about these drawings I have decided that they themselves should be peaceful images and I have chosen flowers as a subject. Each flower image is created from thousands of individual dots, just as the people on this plant are individual dots within the whole. Each one adds something to the mix. We all make a contribution which manifests in the completed fabric of our culture. We choose to be a positive or a negative contribution and the ripple effect is real. Every action causes a reaction.

So I share these drawing in hopes of passing the peace. Nothing more than that.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your comments, however, this is not a forum for discussion on politics, religion, or hatred and I will delete comments that are not appropriate and peaceful.