Dancing Sunflowers Make Me Happy

Dancing Sunflowers Make Me Happy

I wasn’t going to write today, but I got excited about my finished painting and just had to share it. My first watercolor painting in 2 years, using layered washes and in a 9″x12″ size (bigger than a notecard). It seems after a drought of this kind in my creative process what I want to paint are flowers.


I took this photo of these sunflowers probably a year ago, printed it several months ago, and started dreaming about painting it at least a month ago. I finally did it this week.

Since it had been so long since I had done any real watercolors I wasn’t sure how the process would go. I did a lot of testing colors on scratch paper to find the right combo for the transparent layers. I had forgotten that watercolors are not a hurry-up thing, well I knew it, but I didn’t remember just how long one can wait between layers. Each layer needs to dry before you add another layer and so there is lots of time to work on other projects while I wait. I tried using a blow dryer in the past, however, you run the risk of spreading paint where you don’t want it and it’s not worth the risk. So patience is a virtue when it comes to this process.  And I am willing to wait because the layering of color with transparent watercolors is magical and I love creating this way.

So I finished it yesterday and I am pretty happy with it. It reminds me of Spring and warmer days, and a friend said it looks like the flowers are dancing. I love that! So I have called it Dancing Sunflowers. I think I will stick with flowers for a while, they make me happy and people enjoy them. Spreading some cheer is a good niche to fall into.

Have a Happy Day