It’s Tuesday, Thank you, Abe and George, for Monday off!

It’s Tuesday, Thank you, Abe and George, for Monday off!

When I headed for the mountains with friends there were reports of probable snow and cold weather. So the 3 of us were all bundled up and in a Jeep, ready for anything! When we got up to the 5000 ft level, there were a few spots of snow on the ground and ominous clouds all around. We were on our way to Kernville for the annual Whiskey Flats Western celebration. I had not been in a very long time and had no idea what to expect.

Well, we had a really relaxed and fun day. Yes, there were snow clouds on all the mountains all around us, however, it was sunny and cool but very comfortable. We walked around town and over by the river where the authentic western encampment was set up. That was the only place I took pictures really, beautiful clouds and blue sky, just made everything beautiful.

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We had some lunch at a great Italian restaurant and wandered back home late afternoon. At one point on our way home we had to stop for pictures, the mountains were covered with new snow and there were teeny tiny snowflakes falling on the windshield! We got so excited you would have thought we had never seen snow before. I can tell you that folks who live in the desert get very excited about any kind of precipitation! It is rare and wonderful.

It was a great day and I felt rejuvenated and ready to start a new project on Sunday.

I have been wanting to paint my kitchen pantry with chalk paint for a couple of years now. Had the paint already, just needed to get on with it. So Sunday morning bright and early, I got started. I got 2 coats on fairly easily and then I had to wait for the paint to cure overnight so I could apply the wax. Monday was Wax Day. A coat of clear and a coat of dark and it is rubbed on and then off, just like in the Karate Kid. It was way more work than the painting part! Anyway, I did get it done, added some new hardware and I am very excited to have finally completed this. Now I just need new flooring, but that is for another day!

So now it’s Tuesday and I am back to work on art and design projects. Feeling more relaxed and motivated. Getting out and seeing new scenery and laughing with friends is really the best medicine for clearing my head and lightening my heart.

Hope you had a great weekend. Have a happy week.