She Wanted to Go Home

She wanted to go home is a graphite and colored pencil drawing by Cheryl McDonald, Copyright 2020

Graphite and Colored Pencil, 2020

She wanted to go home

Her work here was done.

Her sun was now covered in fog.

The only place she could go was home.

Smiles were getting harder to maintain 

and joy was all she ever wanted to share.

She belonged with the birds, they were free 

and she knew one day she too would fly away.

It was sooner than we expected or wanted.

The truth is she was ready, long overdue, really.

She had only stayed for us and eventually

It was time and she could wait no longer.

She knew we could carry on

She had given us her strength,

Her resolve, and all the joy she had.

As sisters, we shared life and death

in intimate ways few have the honor of sharing.

Those memories will keep us through this time and the next.

Goodbye Beloved

Safe travels.

We shall meet again.