Original Watercolors

Transparent watercolor is one of my favorite mediums. My imagery tends to focus on detail, I like zooming in and focusing your attention. Building layers of color that are luminous yet not watered down takes time, and patience, however, I love the results and I hope you do also. Below are some of my most recent works.

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Intimate Florals

Moon Glow, framed $385
Dahlia For You, framed, $385
Wild Fuschia, Unframed, $195
Peace Rose, Unframed $145
More Pansies, Unframed, $68
Dancing Sunflowers, Mounted on Canvas $200
Open Rose, Unframed, $68
Orchid and Green Frog, Unframed $145
Open Rose in a Birdbath, Unframed $75

Still Life