Re-invention, Transition, or Redirection

Re-invention, Transition, or Redirection


I was tired of just making pictures. I looked around my studio and there are dozens of them everywhere, hard drives full of them also. At art events or showings I was continually hearing “my house is full, my walls are full, I have no more room!”. People over 50 seem to all be downsizing and people under 50 don’t even want to start accumulating, they would rather spend their $$$ on experiences. I love that! Me too!

So all of this awareness led me to the realization that unless I am done being creative I need to find a use for my talents and skills elsewhere.

How can I make art that is useful and helpful and community building? Well, I guess I could go back to doing commercial design,  photography, and illustration, like I used to, was the answer I came up with. I can create logos and brochures and websites for businesses. I can take pictures for real estate agents and restaurants and other creative folks who need help sharing their work. All of this helps build stronger businesses which help build my community.

I am not new to graphic design, I have been doing it as a profession on and off for over 10 years. I have done projects for law firms, real estate developers, non-profits, restaurants, even wine sellers. I built printed products, website products, menus, illustrations, even vehicle wraps and wall and window peels. Each project, as was each company, unique and different. Solving creative problems that helped other people accomplish their dream and it gave me a sense of satisfaction and pride as well as an income. All good things!

However… much has changed in the advertising world since I was doing this full time 8 years ago. Technology has expanded our audience and the way we relate to them is very different in many ways then it was back then. Although I try to keep up with what’s happening now, there have been so many changes. My redirection has required some re-education as well. Finding resources to help me with that has been easy and I am learning new things, techniques, and ideas daily. Every day I learn something new that I can use to help my customers do a better job at what they do. How fun is that? I am having a wonderful time!

So this is my first blog on this new platform and I plan to use this space to share ideas, observations as well as techniques and things I think might be helpful. And once I get better at editing video I will be adding that as well.

If you are following me from my art and photography I still plan to continue that and there will be posts on that as well. My work is still available on my website. It’s funny every time I think I can’t do it all I am forced to, so hey, let’s just go with it and see what develops. One of the things I love most about creativity is that there are no boundaries other than what we impose on ourselves. So let’s just not go there.

Thank you for being here, please feel free to share your thoughts below. Remember to be kind both here and wherever you are!

My tagline used to be On to the Next Adventure! I have changed it to Let the Story Unfold.

So let’s begin!