A Day Trip to a Most Beautiful Place

A Day Trip to a Most Beautiful Place

Lone Pine, California is one of my favorite little Sierra Nevada town for so many reasons. The biggest reason has always been visiting the Alabama Hills with its unusual rock formations and the incredible view of Mt. Whitney that you have from there.

However yesterday I found a new happy place near Lone Pine to add to my list. The De La Cour Ranch which is a lavender farm where you can go and pick lavender, buy lavender products created right there on the Ranch, and wander around the ranch enjoying the views. They also have cabins you can rent which is something I may plan a painting trip around. Would love to spend a day or two watercoloring there.



Right now the French lavender is in bloom in both purple and white, and I picked an armload which I have gathered into bouquets, some of which I am enjoying and some of which I am drying for later projects. I also bought some of the English lavender blossoms which are apparently better to cook with (I have some recipes I want to try).

It was a little scary cutting lavender at first because it is full of honey bees, just busy getting drunk on the blossoms, but I soon realized that they were so busy, they didn’t even care about me! It was such a beautiful day! Our rare mid 90F’s weather here in the desert is something we are all enjoying this year. It is typically around 110F at this time of year and much too hot to be out on a late June afternoon!



After I finished cutting, I was ready to explore the ranch and take some photos of the beautiful flowers and landscape. My companion and I wandered down to the creek which is in full glory from all the snow melt in higher elevations. So peaceful, it was wonderful just sitting and listening to the creek waterfalls cascading down among the trees.

It is definitely a place I recommend visiting if you are traveling on US 395. The owners are beautiful people. We talked to Julie who shared much of her knowledge on the process of growing lavender, the history of the area and ideas for how to use lavender in your daily life to live healthier and happier.

De Lour Cour Ranch

It is a place I will return to again and again! Have a happy day!