Mindless Creativity- a Meditative Practice

Mindless Creativity- a Meditative Practice

Happy Monday and welcome to another week of Covid-19 lockdown. The virus is still spreading, and things are still uncertain, and we are doing the best we can to make our lives work and somehow keep a little sanity through all of this.

I bought a coloring book a few months ago because I was tired of having to think about what to create, I just wanted some mindless creative enjoyment. Coloring was big when I was a kid and for my kids and I am sure it was for you as well. Coloring has become big business, giving us ways to just chill and get a little creative enjoyment in almost a meditative state.

I noticed on Etsy there were lot’s of coloring pages by different artists and in different styles that were downloadable after purchase. I noticed some of them were just grayscaled photos and although that is one method, I wanted to create something that was just a little different.

When I was in art school, I learned a technique in an illustration class that was very helpful in creating quick colorful images with a minimum amount of layering of color. We first colored in areas of our drawing using various values of gray in felt tip marker and then when color was applied in colored pencil, shading was instantly created in varying degrees. 

I have used a similar process to create these coloring pages for you. By taking some of my photographs and first finding the edges and then converting them to grayscale images in Photoshop, they have the variety of value and they become more like a painting than a photograph and you can download and print them on the paper you like and then you can color them with your favorite colored pencils. My favorite brands are Derwent and Faber-Castel Poly Chromos. If you want to use markers or transparent paints, I would recommend you print them on heavier paper that will support your medium. The pdf file could also be sent to your favorite printer to be printed on heavier paper if your printer can’t do it.

So far, I have created 2 series of pages, Garden Flowers and Wildflowers of California and I am working on a series of abandoned trucks and thinking about a series of classic cars ( Even guys like to color don’t they?). Each group contains 10 images for you to color. In the slideshow above I have shown the transitions of the process from photograph to converted image, to colored pencil painting complete plus the covers of the 2 series. I have both series listed on etsy where you can see almost all the images in the booklets (I can only put up 10 images so one of them will be a surprise for you. It works pretty easy, you just make your purchase and Etsy will send you a link to download the file and then you just print it and Voila’ you can color away.

Below are slideshows for each series so you can see all the pages and there is also a link to the purchase page to make it easy for you to just go get them. Each series is $6 and you can print them as many time as you like. (Images are copyrighted and you can use them for noncommercial use only please,)

Flowers from the Garden

California Wildflowers

So this is what I have been busy working on, how about you? Would love to hear. Thanks for reading, I hope you are all well.

Have a Happy Day!