Wiggle Your Toes!

Wiggle Your Toes!

It’s the 2nd week of August already, and the calendar says today is “Wiggle Your Toes Day”.

So I had some time so I decided to do an image to represent this day. It is Summer and most of us are in sandals so it is not a difficult instruction to just thoughtfully or unthoughtfully just wiggle those toes!

My life’s work is about telling stories and I can do that with images and words and often times both. As I say on my website, “Your business is Unique, and You have a story to tell.” and if you take that a little farther, we are all unique and have a story to tell.

Every single one of us. And your story colors your perspective and your behavior in our world.

Have you ever thought about the story you tell? Everything about you is part of that story from the way you comb your hair to the way you drive on the freeway, to the work you do, and the way you play. Every move you make is an expression of your story and how you interact with people you love as well as people you don’t is defined by what has happened in your life in your past. We can choose how much we allow our past to color our future and that is really the good news. The negative experiences from our past are in the past and we can start fresh every day. There is not much I can do to change what’s going on in the world or even just with the people or things in my life. I only have control of me and what I know is that if I send out a positive vibe I feel better and those that choose to receive that vibe also feel better. Joy is a learned response it is something you can change. No it’s not always easy and I don’t always feel it, however, the more I try to cultivate it, the more it grows.

Wiggling your toes feels good, and if you can’t wiggle your toes, wiggle your fingers, or wiggle your arms, legs, or even your nose. It’s a silly little thing, but it made me smile today, maybe it will make you smile too.

Have a happy day!

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So You Want to Start A Business

So You Want to Start A Business

You are tired of working for somebody else, Not happy with your job, thinking you could make a difference doing something else, or just wanting to stop building someone else’s equity. All good reasons to think about starting a business.

If you are really thinking about starting your dream business, you have lots to think about, and many decisions to make before you rent that space.

Trust me I have done it wrong before…

So many people daydream about how wonderful it would be to work for themselves! “I can set my own hours, work when I want. I have a perfect idea! Everyone is going to come running to use my new service or buy my wares.” Not likely to happen that way. You are mostly invisible (except to your friends) and I am here to tell you that there is a whole lot more to running any kind of business than just thinking of an idea, choosing a name and a location and getting a business card.

Every year many many people go in and out of business before people even know about them!

It is true that it is easier to find an audience these days because technology gives us so many more people to connect with, however, it is a whole different set of rules and techniques for advertising than just putting an ad in the paper and waiting for people to show up.

There are now lots of channels to connect people instead of just a couple and more are being created every day. If you are not “tech savvy” it can be a challenge.

If you’re in business today or want to go into business unless you have a very big bucket of money, it is important to have knowledge in social media, websites, accounting, and human resources, plus product or service knowledge.

We business owners here in Ridgecrest think we are an isolated community and everyone should just know about us! Wrong… Most people (even in Ridgecrest)  today use the internet on their phones for everything! If you are not available online, very few will ever find you. You also want to show up in other locations as well. With tourism growing, China Lake growing, and a huge influx of world visitors, you want your business out there where EVERYONE who would love what you do can find you. So at the very least, you need a website, a social media page and a plan for posting what and when.

Starting a business requires research and planning as well. What does your community need? Who is your idea going to benefit? Who do you need to connect with and how will you do that?

What does your business look like? How are you going to brand it so it attracts the right group of customers? Just who are these people and what do you know about them? These are questions that help you build the right products as well as the right way to advertise it.

There are numerous resources to help you figure it all out. Here are a few to contact for free or low-cost training or counseling.

SBDC is short for the Small Business Development Center at CSU Bakersfield and here is a link to the SBDC website. I have learned a lot from their coaches, and their webinars and workshops.

Indian Wells Valley Economic Development Center is a fairly new organization in Ridgecrest that is also here to help you with your business, Here is the IWVEDC Website

The Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce is also another great resource as well as an important partner in your business. Connect with them, use them and help them make Ridgecrest a more vibrant business community. Here is a link to the Ridgecrest Chamber Website.

You can even call me for a free consult on branding your new business, and ways to get your marketing organized. Happy to help!

So before you start a business and get in over your head, think, research, talk to others.

Our Community needs you to succeed! Let us help you do it.

The pencil drawing in the header is by Cheryl McDonald, 1995


You Won’t Do It Alone

You Won’t Do It Alone

No Matter what you are doing you need a team.

Sometimes they are collaborators, sometimes they are suppliers, sometimes they are employees. Sometimes they are simply a supporter of what you are doing. Often that is the most important category.

Surround yourself with people who appreciate who you are and what you do. Surround yourself with people who will give you honest feedback. We don’t usually get it right the first time, and it helps to have someone who will say ” What if you did it this way or added that instead?”

It takes a village to grow more than just a child.