Worms, Weeds, Puppies

Worms, Weeds, Puppies

You know the important stuff.

I am back home in the desert after 40 days and 40 nights in the beautiful city of Los Angeles; Clean air, no traffic, cool beach breezes. Ahh yes, LA during Covid-19 is a very different place than normal. I stayed with a daughter and her family, sheltering in place and it was good. We took care of each other, did lot’s of cooking and gardening and trying to figure out how to educate and entertain 2 very physical kids, 7 and almost 9. It was quite an adventure.

Well last week I decided that it was time for me to head home because this pandemic is far from over and the kids needed their space and so did I. Plus it is time for me to get my house ready for summer, maybe get a garden planted and figure out my life going forward.

Last Friday, May 1st, after a trip to Trader Joe’s for essentials, like, you know, wine, I and my 2 mini Shih Tzus made our way back to my home in the High Desert. I had heard there had been a lot of rain out this way while I was gone, but I had no idea how much until I arrived home and found a 4′ meadow of weeds covering my front and back yards. It was extremely dense and I knew it was going to be a big job getting my space back. Shih Tzu have very long coats (usually, I gave mine a haircut a couple of weeks ago, poor things) and everything gets stuck in their fur. They are not really desert dogs, but why I have them is another story for another day.

It was going to be important for me to clear a place for them in the backyard so that they could do their business and it was going to be a challenge to keep them confined as that was not what they are used to.

So Saturday morning I started clearing with my trusty hula hoe. In order to get to the hoe I had to wade through 4′ weeds to get to the tool shed. I realized at that point that clearing a path there was going to be the next days work and while I was at it I might as well clear a path to my worm farm which was close by. I started this farm last fall and am amazed at how strong these little red wigglers are. They survived 20 degree winter days and they also survived my being gone for 40 days and nights. Looks like there is compost for my garden beds, once I am able to clear the weeds.

Besides the weeds, feeding the worms, and keeping the puppies safe, I have been cleaning and reading a book on creativity and just trying to feel comfortable and not fearful of what is coming next.The country seems to be a lot crazy right now trying to figure out a way forward from this pandemic. It is unfortunate that we don’t have a real leader in charge to help us navigate. So for now I think just staying in and focusing on the ordinary pieces of my life and making as much of them as I can is what feels right. The art creating will mostly be custom cards for now and that is ok. Mother’s day is coming and a hand painted card just might help when you can’t be with your Mom. let me know if you need something special for your Mom.

Have a happy day!


A Cup Full of Daisies sitting on a window sill. A nice thank you card or Mother's day card. Hand-painted watercolor card approx. 4.5"x6".
A Cup Full of Daisies sitting on a window sill. A nice thank you card or Mother’s day card.

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