Cheryl McDonald

It is time to confess, I am an artist…

and therefore I am unique and unconventional (not in the sense of rainbow hair and piercings and tattoos, almost everyone has those now). My unconventionality comes from the pure and simple reason, that I embrace all my talents and pursue multiple avenues of creativity. My daily goal is to create, whether it is in the garden, the kitchen, the art studio or the computer. I create with brushes and cameras, digital art, and sometimes I even write poetry.

I have been lucky enough throughout my life to be able to use these tools of creativity to make somewhat of a living.  As I share with you the stories of my life, I hope you will find inspiration to make and share your own. We are all in this together and the act of reaching out and sharing in whatever way one can is an act of connection and I appreciate it.

I am now also adding a portfolio of many of my art and commercial projects. If you need a consultant, illustrator, artist, or photographer, please check out my work and contact me!

I look forward to your comments, please keep them civil and un-spammy. Those are the rules and I have the power to enforce them 🙂

Thank you for being here and have a happy day!