Happy Spring?

  • Black Swallowtail butterfly with Yellow daisies by Cheryl McDonald
  • A Spring Bunny with Yellow daisies by Cheryl McDonald
  • Little Red Jeep ready for off-roading by Cheryl Mcdonald
  • Eggs in a Nest, a hand painted card by Cheryl McDonald
  • Desert Tortoise in Spring Flowers, a hand painted card by Cheryl McDonald

Last week was the first day of Spring and it was also the first week of shelter in place for many of us in the United States. Covid-19 is roaring through the world at an incredible speed and this little virus has changed the behaviors of our world population (at least) forever. I am staying with family in Los Angeles for the foreseeable future and we are working together to create a live/workspace for 3 adults and 2 children that will go on for at least the next few weeks. School and work now include virtual connections with our outside world. Virtual connection with friends, business associates, and other family members keep us in touch with those we work with and care about. Shopping online is now the safest way to get the things we need to purchase and music and other media flows from Amazon Alexa to keep us entertained.

There will still be holidays and birthdays, however, celebrations will be different and we will all learn to live in this new world and find ways to help each other along.

I have brought along with me a laptop and art supplies so that I can continue making art and sharing it here and in my shop on Etsy. Drawings and paintings, and custom made cards that can help us get through these challenging times and bring a sense of joy to this new way of life.

Ordering on Etsy is easy and personal. I create and send you a unique piece of art that is handmade and can be customized to include your personal choices. And with a purchase of $35 or more shipping is free. Please check out my shop and if you are wanting something custom made just for you, like a hand-painted card of a Jeep for your grandson or a portrait of your pets, I look forward to making something unique just for you.

So Happy Spring, get out and enjoy the weather, 6 feet apart, take care of each other and enjoy each other. We are resilient and we will get through this.

Have a happy day,