Tide Pools

Tide Pools by Cheryl McDonald, Graphite and Colored Pencil
The world flows in and out of consciousness like tide pools
My intensity is uncovered
My feelings bare and open
I am fragile and raw
The sensations grow
Waves of emotion, intense and sharp
I am ready to explode
The dream, the world washes over me covering me like velvet
Soft and warm until the next low tide.

I wrote this poem a few years ago while on a trip to Cambria. I was sitting out alongside Moonstone bay sketching, and it came to me. I love when that happens!

A couple of years later, I found it while going through some sketch books and decided to create a pencil painting for it. I had a collection of shells that I had gathered over the years, so I set up a still life to create this drawing. The paper I used is called Stonehenge and it has a soft creamy color. The paper has a soft tooth to it that adds a velvety texture to the image.

The poem uses the idea of a tide pool as a metaphor that relates to the idea of emotional orgasm or overload and what it must feel like for these sea creatures who live their lives in such an inconsistent environment. As the tide flows out they are uncovered and their fragile structure exposed. When we are out of our comfort zone, exposed to the elements of unfamiliar culture, our emotions can become raw and fragile as well, and we find ourselves looking for that comfort that keeps us safe.

Our comfort zone is not where we grow and flourish, but learning to use it as a resting place until the next time we are ready to move on and find our next growth experience is a healthy luxury that we all need. This painting and poem remind us of our need for both as we are just like those little sea creatures.

Have a Happy Day!


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