Worn by Cheryl McDonald
Worn by Cheryl McDonald, graphite and colored pencil

Worn is another drawing from my series “Left Hanging in Space”. I found this beautifully crocheted glove at a second hand store and it made me wonder about the previous owner.

Back in the not so distant past, hats and gloves were a necessary part of a ladies accessories for going in public. I wondered, did the owner love these gloves so much that she wore them even with the holes? How many times had she tried to repair them? Were they so well loved that even after they were no longer wearable, did she keep them in a drawer to honor the memories of experiences they had shared? I do things like that. I like reminders of memorable events and having something that has served me so well helps to bring those memories right back to mind.

This glove hung so lovingly with pink satin ribbons reminds me that even though we go through our lives and often have experiences that make our minds and bodies less that perfect, we are still beautiful and we may have suffered, however our resilience and tenacity keeps us going on to the next adventure.

And the story continues,

Have a happy day!

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