Existential Crisis Part II

This is a rant and maybe it will make me feel better to get it out.

Maybe not we shall see.

The story starts like this; There once was an artist who in a strange dream thought it might be important and make her life easier if she got ORGANIZED.

I think the left side of my brain is so small that it’s a good thing my skull is hard or my head would just cave in on the left… Organizing is not my thing and silly me, I thought if I got the right software, it would be a piece of cake. Not. Over the years, I have tried many accounting and organizing programs, spreadsheets, etc. only to find that they all require me to be able to think in a much more logical fashion then I am capable of. Therefore I work at them trying to make progress for a while only to get frustrated and decide I should just give it a rest and come back to it later. Well waiting 2 years is apparently 2 long. Not only have I produced a ton more work, my software no longer works on my computer and now I need to upgrade it Twice! to be able to even access the data I had already put in it. This idea that software companies have come up with to hold our work hostage is pretty much ingenious on their part and really sucks on our part (software users). I do realize they are just trying to keep up with the computer designers who are constantly making things “better”, but when something works, why do I have to change it?

I have the same issue with Adobe Creative Suite, now that I only pay for Photoshop and Lightroom, all of the creative work I did in Illustrator and InDesign are now locked and unopenable unless I continue to pay ransom for it. I am not doing much of that work anymore and so I can no longer afford to pay the ransom just to have access to work I have done in the past.

I have never shunned technology, I even enjoyed learning how to communicate with it, like this blog or making art and design, a challenge but I was able to figure it out. However because it is changing so fast and I am not a software engineer, I am beginning to feel like a pile of rusty cans left in the desert. Not much use, but still not gone. LOL

From what I can tell, I have 2 choices. I can pay the ransom or go back to a program like Apple’s Numbers or Microsoft Excel or even a paper spreadsheet and just make simple lists of my work and my accounts and leave it at that. The latter is probably what I will do. Because what this has taught me is that if I want to control the work I do, I cannot count on the software companies to care and I am not willing to give them my work and I am not willing for my legacy, however paltry it maybe to be locked up in software that my family cannot open.

So, that’s my rant and thank you for reading if, in fact, you made it all the way through.

I am going to go make art and try to stay cool.

Have a happy day!



Cheryl McDonald is a full-time artist in the high desert at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. To see more of her work go to Etsy.com or click here