Somethings Are Better At a Snail’s Pace

i like snail mail 

i love opening the mailbox
and finding a little bit of someones carefully thought out planned story, or sentiment considered just for me.
         time spent with me in their mind. 
         a gift that money can’t buy. 

a thread spun out across the distance to hold us fast to each other. Human to Human.

some things need time to travel…at… a… snail’s… pace.

Yes, letter writing takes time, sending cards takes time.

When was the last time you printed out all the memes you liked on FaceBook or Instagram? Did their sentiment stay with you through the week? Or even through the day?

And how many of the cards and letters you have received in the last year or even longer that are still in your possession? Are they pinned up on your bulletin board may be where they can remind you of the special greeting that someone took the time to share with you?

I have something around 56,000 emails in my inboxes. Deleting them is an overwhelming task and most of those are spam from companies I may have purchased from or often a company that found me on the internet and just started sending me junk mail. There are probably 3 or 4 a day that I actually read and it is often hard to find those among the junk mail. Unsubscribing does not usually work, they don’t care, they still keep sending me stuff. The email has lost its specialness.

Text messaging is tedious and often spam as well. Most people don’t use their phones as phones anymore, and some don’t want to be called unless they get a text first. It’s ok, we all get to choose what works for us. One of the few things we can still have some control over.

An interesting time we live in.

Once the only form of communication across distances is now a luxury and very rare. Maybe that’s what makes it so special.

Sending cards and letters take time and brainpower. Things we are often short of in this day and age of constant endless communication. However, how special would it be if once a week or even once a month your family or close friends received something in the mail from you? A thread of love that connects you to them across the miles.

And just imagine how cool it would be if as an entrepreneur you did this with your customers? I often send thank you notes for purchases, but what about just as a reminder of how important that customer is to you? Yes, I know mail is not cheap and what about the trees? But hey consider it a cost of doing business instead of that email client or social media advertising. Imagine how much more impact it would have to actually receive a handwritten note? Your per-click ratio would be quite a bit higher I suspect.

I realize this is something I need to do, how about you?

Have a happy day!


Cheryl McDonald is a full-time artist living in a high desert community at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. You can find her work on Etsy or by clicking