More Spring Artwork to share

A Cup Full of Daisies sitting on a window sill. A nice thank you card or Mother's day card. Hand-painted watercolor card approx. 4.5"x6".

Good Morning All,

My goodness, I have been having fun, painting fresh Spring flowers, iconic Easter images like bunnies, baby ducks and chicks. Creating mini art pieces that others can share is becoming a habit. I love the fact that they are mailable and hangable. My new tag line is “I make usable art”. As I’ve said before art is everywhere we turn so why not surround ourselves with art we love and art that makes us happy, and spreads a good feeling. We need more of that in our lives. The crazier the world seems, the more we need to spread the love.

Yesterday and today I put several of these new items on my CherylMcDonald-art and I even started a business page called Cheryl McDonald Creative! on Pinterest. This is the next step in becoming savvier about selling online.

I am learning that taking this task of online sales on in steps, sometimes even micro steps, makes it seem less daunting and much more manageable. Taking breaks to work in the garden or make art helps as well. It is exciting to see progress, in the form of sales and happy customers that I might never have met without this shop. Spreading the love as far as I can! One of the next steps will be figuring out global sales, not just United States sales.

Hope you are having a productive week, and I hope you are giving yourself time to recharge as well. Easy to forget to do when the world keeps throwing more and more at us.

Have a happy day!


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Art is not just stuff you put on your walls. Art can solve problems. It has been created to make others aware of where to find good hunting or to watch out for certain conditions. It has been used to make people aware of causes and injustice. There is art everywhere you go. It is on walls, on screens, on packaging, on people even. As an artist for more years then I can count, I find this very exciting. I do my best to create art that is interesting, unique and informative. I am blessed to have the ability to work in multiple mediums, including watercolor, photography, digital illustration, graphic layout, and I have played in many more. I have experience building websites, vehicle wraps and so many other things. What I love the most is finding a way to solve a creative problem and that is why I have been hired by many companies to solve problems for them. To help them share their unique voice and their unique products. I love to help people tell their own story, coming out of their cocoon and emerging to fulfill their dream.