A Day Off in the Mojave Desert

I took Friday off.

When you work for yourself and love what you do, it is easy to work every day and burn yourself out. I have learned over the years that I need at least one day off a week and on work days, I manage to take time out to recharge throughout the day as well. I knew Saturday I would be working at the Farmers Market and Sunday I had a Real Estate photo shoot scheduled, so that would be a most of the day’s commitment for shooting and processing. So when a girlfriend invited me on a desert day trip for Friday, I said Yes!

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We were headed to Randsburg which is a little abandoned mining town which is now an off-road Mecca on the weekends as well as a stopover for many on their way to Death Valley. I used to have a gallery there, which only didn’t really work out because most of the traffic was on 2 wheels instead of 4 so they could not take a painting or photograph on the back of their bike!

We took a less traveled road to get there and since I have photographed so much of this area before, I concentrated my photos on new views.

We have had so much rain this year and it is still continuing, very unusual for our desert, and because of all the rain, our desert is getting nice and green. There will be wildflowers in abundance very soon, and then I will share wildflowers of the Mojave with you.

Today I have some beautiful vistas and some found object art to share. We have a lot of old junk left over from the miners, the sheepherder camps, as well as just junk that city people bring out and leave because they think the desert is a waste land. NOT!

We have many quirky artistic types out here and why not use what is around to create something fun and visually interesting. Sometimes they are memorials, and sometimes it’s just fun.

So I hope you enjoy these images and maybe they inspire you to come out and visit our desert and at the very least I hope they give you some inspiration to take a day off.

A big Shout Out to the RandsburgGeneralStore.com for the best patty melt and chocolate malts in the whole world!