Let the Story Unfold and What does that Mean?

I have been going through my archives of paintings and drawings, some I have sold and only have digital files of, and some I have the originals still. Some of them I see daily as they hang on the wall of my home and I love them still. It is interesting all the changes I have gone through over the years. I have no clear style or medium. I go through periods of idealistic and imaginative art and periods of more commercial ventures. For example, painting architectural watercolors for location sales or for commercial clients and then painting detailed dreams or visions that come from emotions or ideas. Almost no one could look at my work over the years and say these all come from the same artist. As I have said before, I am adaptable. And I am so passionate about creating that I may just create a whole new style simply because it might sell better than what I am doing at the moment. Or it’s easier, less time consuming or simpler.

This year feels like a year to rededicate myself to uncovering who I am, not what I would like to be, or who others see me as. I would like to find something that goes beyond marketing and sales and making a difference for others to include making a difference for me.

I have heard it said that making art is more of an inner journey than any other endeavor, and when we start out to make art, we don’t start out to make it a profession, just to let the exploration of medium and emotion come together. However, once the decision gets made to turn it into a profession the message and the exploration may get lost. We think more about trends and input from those that want to guide us and less about the story we ourselves need to tell.

I am not suggesting that these aspects of making art for sale are bad, I am just speculating that maybe there is a way to combine them. Especially now when our market to make sales is no longer limited to where we live. Our market is global and our audience is broad enough to include my voice and yours and it doesn’t have to be a competition.

Maybe we can tell our own story, make our personal statements and still find an audience with whom it resonates. That is what the internet should do and to me, that is an incredible and amazing thing.

So I am going to continue making art and I am going to do some searching to find what really resonates with me. Maybe it’s a style or medium I have used in the past and maybe it will be something new. I don’t know. This feels like that time in my life when it’s time to delve into what my story really wants to be about.

Hence the name of this blog. Let your story unfold.

Have a Happy Day