Is it Spring Yet?

Here in the desert, it is feeling like Spring. It’s still only 50 degrees, but that’s warmer than it has been and the sun is shining. So it makes us all very happy. Soon there will be wildflowers and that will be the only topic of conversation for most desert rats.  We get very excited to see what shows up because it’s different every year. I was out for a walk amongst the Creosote and cactus on Saturday and there are lots of new leaves popping up everywhere. Once we get some blooms I will post some shots. But today I am working in the office on a website for a client and later I will be doing more painting. Besides another larger painting, I will be working on cards as well.

I have started painting cards for Spring, So far I have 3 and they are Easter related, however, I was sketching ideas this morning and there will be lot’s of Spring oriented images I think. These cards are approx. 4″x6″ single sided with colorful paper on the back. They make people smile. Seems like it has been an especially brutal Winter, I’m ready for Spring how about you?

Have a Happy Day!


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Art is not just stuff you put on your walls. Art can solve problems. It has been created to make others aware of where to find good hunting or to watch out for certain conditions. It has been used to make people aware of causes and injustice. There is art everywhere you go. It is on walls, on screens, on packaging, on people even. As an artist for more years then I can count, I find this very exciting. I do my best to create art that is interesting, unique and informative. I am blessed to have the ability to work in multiple mediums, including watercolor, photography, digital illustration, graphic layout, and I have played in many more. I have experience building websites, vehicle wraps and so many other things. What I love the most is finding a way to solve a creative problem and that is why I have been hired by many companies to solve problems for them. To help them share their unique voice and their unique products. I love to help people tell their own story, coming out of their cocoon and emerging to fulfill their dream.