Leap and the Net Will Appear

Or you will fall on your face…

Do you believe in signs? Those synchronicities that happen in your life, and when they happen almost daily do you pay attention and follow along? Someone told me once if you hear something from one person, it might be interesting, if you hear it from 2 maybe you should pay attention and if you hear from more than 3 it’s time to consider the idea.

I stopped painting a couple of years ago, in fact, I stopped making art and decided to work as a commercial photographer only.  I don’t remember all the reasons,  but the main one was that I didn’t know how to broaden my market from where I live. I was selling, but people kept telling me they were out of wall space. Since then I have learned a lot about marketing and about the idea that everyone doesn’t have to want what you are selling. You just have to find the right niche and you can make a difference.

I am a big fan of Seth Godin, I read his blog daily and listen to his podcasts. He has inspired me to think about the possibility that I can do what I love and I can make a difference. Well, I love making art, I love selling art, and I  love sharing with artists ways to do what we love to do. So Why should I stop doing those things? Right?

Anyway back to the signs

One. People tell me they miss my watercolors. Ok yes, I miss doing them.

Two. A friend GIVES me many brand new tubes of quality watercolors and lot’s of really beautiful watercolor paper and tells me, ” I know you will make beautiful things from these.” WOW

Three through 37. My hand-painted valentines sold like hotcakes! I sold them in person, on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy.

And 38 was the instigator of yesterday’s blog.

So yesterday I started a new watercolor. It was actually kind of scary. I knew I would not be to the level I was 2 years ago, but so far I am pleased with the progress. Putting that brush to the paper for a painting somehow seemed different than doing a 4×6 illustrated graphic style greeting card. Making something that is Realistic is a whole different level of stress from doing an Abstract. So why do Realistic art instead of Abstract? I think it is the challenge and skill development has more meaning to me.

Anyway, I am now on my way and although I know I will still need to do the commercial work to stay afloat, I am doing what I used to be the best at, (if not the best, I was getting close). My goal is now to be the best and to be happy doing and sharing what I am passionate about. And that is making art.

So thank you to the Universe for sending me all the signals and to those who were involved in the process. And to Seth Godin for actually convincing me that it was possible to really do what I love to do. And hopefully, I won’t fall on my face.

As Seth would say. ” Go Make a Ruckus!”

Have a happy day


Cheryl McDonald is an artist living in the high desert in California. You can purchase many of her cards, prints and originals  at cheryl mcdonald-art.com

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Art is not just stuff you put on your walls. Art can solve problems. It has been created to make others aware of where to find good hunting or to watch out for certain conditions. It has been used to make people aware of causes and injustice. There is art everywhere you go. It is on walls, on screens, on packaging, on people even. As an artist for more years then I can count, I find this very exciting. I do my best to create art that is interesting, unique and informative. I am blessed to have the ability to work in multiple mediums, including watercolor, photography, digital illustration, graphic layout, and I have played in many more. I have experience building websites, vehicle wraps and so many other things. What I love the most is finding a way to solve a creative problem and that is why I have been hired by many companies to solve problems for them. To help them share their unique voice and their unique products. I love to help people tell their own story, coming out of their cocoon and emerging to fulfill their dream.