So You Want to Start A Business

What does your business look like? How are you going to brand it so it attracts the right group of customers? Just who are these people and what do you know about them? These are questions that help you build the right products as well as the right way to advertise it.

The Art of Abstract Photography

Abstract images are created when I see beyond the thing I am taking a picture of. Past the left brain basic understanding of an object, to its essence using available light, negative space, and specific detailed focus on some aspect of the object, I am directing my viewer's eye to explore this thing in a new fresh way.

Good Photography, Luck or Skill?

I think it's both. And then I think you also have to throw in some intuition and being in-touch with the moment. I go to a lot of locations that most people just consider garbage dumps. Abandoned places left by folks who came to the decision that where they were was just not working for … Continue reading Good Photography, Luck or Skill?