The Art of Abstract Photography

Abstract images are created when I see beyond the thing I am taking a picture of. Past the left brain basic understanding of an object, to its essence using available light, negative space, and specific detailed focus on some aspect of the object, I am directing my viewer's eye to explore this thing in a new fresh way.

Good Photography, Luck or Skill?

I think it's both. And then I think you also have to throw in some intuition and being in-touch with the moment. I go to a lot of locations that most people just consider garbage dumps. Abandoned places left by folks who came to the decision that where they were was just not working for … Continue reading Good Photography, Luck or Skill?

Promoting Yourself is Not a Crime

Are you afraid to promote yourself? It’s not considered cool for some reason. That whole thing about being humble is a virtue. Well, I am here to tell you as so many others have probably already done, that if you don’t promote yourself no one will find you. You don’t have to do it blatantly … Continue reading Promoting Yourself is Not a Crime